It started with a vision...

NEATS is a brand focused on women's needs and on making them feel free and empowered. There are no boundaries to who you are.

Our goal is to make a difference in women's daily lives, and make them feel confident and comfortable in any type of clothing. We will continually innovate on the past and elevate our craft for the future, while empowering the members of the NEATS community and consistently grow into our vision of being much more than just another clothing brand.

NEATS is for women who like feeling sexy but prioritize comfort. NEATS allows you to be you and wear any kind of clothing you want. The stage is yours, so get your best dress... Because you are up next.

Our Values


Made with care and minimal waste, for you to enjoy freely. Simple is the new classy.


NEATS was made for woman who like feeling sexy, but don't want to compromise on comfort.


NEATS wants to create a community of woman that support each other, and who seek to fulfill their dreams while being true to themselves.


Wear them with anything, take them anywhere. Versatility is one of our last names.


NEATS is a brand focused in women's needs, and in making them feel free and empowered because there are no boundaries to who you are.
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